Wednesday, December 12, 2018

PsychoPy on Linux

We've been using PsychoPy in our lab for a few years now, developing mainly on Linux, but often collecting data on Windows (shared testing facilities). On the basis of this experience, I recommend installing PsychoPy on Linux thus:

sudo apt install psychopy

This gives you quite an out of date version (1.85.3, released Aug 2017, for Ubuntu 18.04, as of Dec 2018), but trying to build it from source, or with pip, is just a huge time sink, often fails, and can kinda mess up your system in the process.  

This leads to a further recommendation. For archive purposes, archive your .py file as well as your .psyexp file, as more recent versions of Builder produce .psyexp files that are not backwards compatible!  

In fact, for portability, seriously consider treating PsychoPy mainly as a Python library, and develop experiments entirely as .py files, i.e. avoid Builder entirely. Builder is a good teaching tool, but anyone who can write R scripts can also learn how to write experiments directly in Python.